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John M. Holland is an accomplished artist.  His uncommon flair for the inner workings of space, dimension, colour, and abstraction flow seamlessly together with his acute awareness of the world around him – incorporating political, environmental and social circumstances.   This broad awareness, coupled with his natural talent and keen eye, has made John a sought-after artist on an international level. 

John’s personal artist statement is:

          Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  My sculpture reflects Ancient Rome and            the political and environmental situations – history repeats itself.  My                    paintings are in competition with the only real creator of colour and                      abstraction, looking at space exploration.  Real talent and inspiration are              a combination of the planet and the heavens.

John’s work has been shown in various galleries, such as The Design Centre in Washington, D.C., and featured in magazines such as Toronto Life, Interior Design, Metropolitan Homes and London Magazine.  He is often showcased in custom designed homes and by both interior and fashion designers.  In addition, he has designed clothing for the Canadian Olympics team and created many commissioned pieces for corporations, retail outlets and for the private collections of many individuals. 

In 2021, John’s art was selected by an International Jury to participate in the Florence Biennale, a major contemporary art exhibition in Florence, Italy. 


John Holland is currently based in Canada.

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